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An algorithmic error has been detected in EduG Version 5.  Components of variance for interactions involving fixed facets are not always correctly computed. The problem has been resolved in Version 6, which is available for download under the name EduG 6.1 e by clicking on the following link : EduG 6.1 e

If you have previously downloaded an earlier version of EduG, you are advised to replace it immediately with Version 6.1 - e, and to use it to check the results of any G studies you analysed using the earlier version, where these involved fixed facets.

When working interactively with the book Applying Generalizability Theory using EduG, it is nevertheless preferable to continue using Version 5 of EduG, re-distributed here under the name  of PREVIOUS EduG, since the worked examples were prepared using this version.



Data downloading

   From this web page you can download the data files associated with the G-study exercises included in Chapter 5. These data may also be obtained at the following address :


 You have the following choices:

1) Download the complete archive, containing all five data sets. Note that this file is compressed. Once you have downloaded it, you will have to unzip it ( by double-clicking its icon) before importing into EduG the particular data set that you need. (If necessary, a freeware 'unzip' program as Unzip Me can be downloaded from the internet.)



To download the complete archive


2) Download just the particular data set that you need for the exercise on which you are working. Click then below on the name of the file of your choice:


                                   A) Food testing          FonduesData.txt       

                                   B) Reading ability      ReadingScores.txt     

                                   C) Mathematics          MathData.txt

                                   D) Reading interest    AttReadData.txt       

                                   E) Laboratory-based examination     LabData.txt   


If you have any problems with these data files, remember that EduG has its own Help module. You can also download the EduG User Guide from:

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