Explanations concerning “PREVIOUS”

The “previous” version of EduG that you are about to download here is the version with which the analysis results included in the book "Applying Generalizability Theory using EduG" were calculated.

You will need this old version if you want to work through the commented examples in Chapter 4 or the practice examples in Chapter 5. But note that the so-called "corrected components" for interactions involving fixed facets may be incorrectly computed.

The fact that these parameters are sometimes erroneous should not perturb you, as it has no other practical consequence. The theory and the methods proposed in the book are correct and have been checked.



1) Download the PREVIOUS EduG installer by clicking on the button: 



File size : 1.9 MB

Approximate loading time: 1 minute 



2) Unzip (decompress) the downloaded file "" by double-clicking its icon. This should create a file named "InstallEduG50e.exe".    

If you do not have a decompression program, you may dowload and install Unzip Me. (It is free).

Some anti-virus security systems prevent the transmission of all executable programs. If you meet this problem then send an e-mail to: Francois Ducrey.     


3) Double click the file name to launch the installer.

For the users of Windows Vista or Seven, it is imperative to read the following announcement :




4) The default procedure is recommended for installation. But if you wish to install PREVIOUS EduG into a directory other than the one proposed, you should first create the new directory, giving it any name you like, for instance ‘Generalizability'. When the installer requests it, give the appropriate pathname, for instance C:Generalisability. Do not install PREVIOUS EduG directly in the root directory of a drive.


To view or download the guide:



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