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Covid-19 impact on education in Switzerland - Overview of studies

1 December 2020, Open Repository and Online Event

The pandemic has had a major impact on education, not only because of the social isolation during the lockdown, but also because of the need to organise education differently after reopening of schools. New practices have emerged and continue to develop. Educational researchers have quickly accompanied the emergence of these new practices with research activities. Many have conducted studies to document and investigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on education. These studies can make a significant contribution to understanding what has happened, but also to preparing future scenarios, based on evidence. But how to gather all these studies in order to make them accessible and useful for the entire research community? The Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK/CDIP), the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI/SBFI/SEFRI) and the EPFL Center for Learning Sciences (LEARN) teamed up to propose a platform for the sharing of research on Covid-19 impact on education in Switzerland.

The online event will bring researchers together in order to make the diversity of studies accessible to the research community. Studies may range from kindergarten to vocational or higher education. They may concern any linguistic region and canton in Switzerland. They may include the perspectives of learners, teachers, parents, school directions, authorities or experts. Their thematic focus may be on aspects such as the delivery of content, the assessment and evaluation practices, new ways of interacting while being at distance, emotional reactions, or the use of technology, just to name a few. The exchange will be completely informal. This also means that there is no peer review process and presenters are responsible for the quality of their contribution.


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